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Jun 18th 2005 - 12:00:00am
Happy birthday !
The [Laus] Clan wishes [Laus]Escapados a happy birthday.
[Laus]Escapados has become 53 years old - what a mess
By : [Laus]

May 29th 2005 - 12:00:00am
Happy birthday !
The [Laus] Clan wishes [Laus]Howmann a happy birthday.
[Laus]Howmann has become 24 years old - what a mess
By : [Laus]

Apr 17th 2005 - 12:00:00am
Happy birthday !
The [Laus] Clan wishes [Laus]Smoelf-dk a happy birthday.
[Laus]Smoelf-dk has become 26 years old - what a mess
By : [Laus]

Apr 17th 2005 - 12:00:00am
Happy birthday !
The [Laus] Clan wishes [Laus]Kratlusker a happy birthday.
[Laus]Kratlusker has become 54 years old - what a mess
By : [Laus]

Mar 7th 2005 - 01:43:47pm
[Laus] is expanding again!
After being a faithful supporter of [Laus] for an extended period of time, as well as being MasterEP's right hand (eeew!) for even longer, we've decided to let Howmannjoin our exclusive ranks.

This brings our member toll to a new record of 14 members.

I really hope you will make him feel welcome
By : [Laus]Rednex

Mar 1st 2005 - 01:41:40pm
Interview with Oswald
I stole this interview with Oswald off of the portugese community site It's quite an interesting read.

UrT-PT: Hi Oswald, we may skip the initial question of introducing yourself and the team as everybody knows that for sure...
How about telling us what is the current stand of the ET:UT port?
Oswald: Hey thanks for the chance to talk to Portugal! Even though the web site has not been updated recently about new information regarding the port to ET, it is coming along. With the addition of Flash, who brings a wide variety of skills to the team including modelling, animating, level design and skinning he is a much welcomed addition. I know I have said this before, the code base is mainly down with the exception of the hit detection. That must wait for the animation to be completed before TwentySeven and HighSea attack it. We are also going through a selection process that includes community suggestions as to what levels are going to be included in the port. This includes community levels such as Crenshaw (from INVIS). Most all of the levels we will select are going to require work in order to update them for the port. You might have seen a 'GoSu' (which means "super" ) version of Urban Terror being played on some community servers. This is testing weapons and their damage. Seems to be receiving some good response from community gamers.

UrT-PT: Since you have a new member onboard now, are you progressing as expected or are there any other setbacks?
Oswald: We are still receiving e-mails from gamers who want to help. We are being quite selective about who we bring onboard. Flash filled a necessity, as we did not have someone who was an animator, but with that said we had ways to accomplish that work, but believe me, it's great he is onboard with SID. As for other setbacks, some of the remaining work, for example, the player skins and weapon skins are going to take time. Bladekiller is the consummate professional and loves to create these highly detailed skins, as we have posted on the web site.

UrT-PT: It has been announced several times that it will be a 1:1 port from Q3, but is SiD planning on throwing any Easter eggs in terms of game items, weapons, features, game modes, etc. (flash nade, P90, new game modes)?
Oswald: Haha, here is where everyone screams, "I told you it's not a 1:1 port, Oz!" While the game physics and playability will be nearly identical to the Quake III version, there will be some changes. I will pass along the news to Portugal first, we will be showing off the P90 animation on the web site this week. There will be some other changes, but right now we are going to keep many of those internal only because things could change as we progress. I don't believe we will see any new game modes. A few individuals who have some nice ideas for game modes have approached me, but at this time experimenting with a new game mode is only going to extend our already long development cycle.

UrT-PT: The latest threads on state that you are planning to have around 12 (official + community) maps ready for the upcoming release.
I think you have already pretty much figured out which ones will be in. Has this number been selected to reduce the distribution file size or it has something to do with the current team workload, not having most .map files and timings?
Oswald: Right now, the number of levels that will be included is still contingent on what community level designers respond to the e-mail we sent out. While we did send that e-mail to every designer, we did send it to those whose levels we feel would make a nice addition to the port, with some updating to them. Again, I point to INVIS and his level, Crenshaw as a good example. The number, 12 was our starting point based on current levels we had, levels that would be retired and not included and those we did have .map files for. Even as a team, we did not keep all the .map files in a central location, each designer was responsible for their own. We still have not agreed upon a "final" list, but we are narrowing down the levels that will possibly be included.

UrT-PT: There have been lots of discussions on whether UrT will be released as a mod or a standalone game (including the ET engine). Have you received from SD the green light for a standalone release or will the gamers need to download ET to play it?
Oswald: Unfortunately, based on legalities, ETUT cannot be a stand alone game. Gamers will be required to download Enemy Territory and our game file in order to play ETUT. We will make this process as simple as possible, unlike our first release of Urban Terror, which was a file nightmare! Even as amateur developers we must abide by the EULA, which is included with Enemy Territory.

UrT-PT: There have been some rumors in the past that SiD had other parallel projects in the works (Doom3 mod and other)... Will you continue to develop and tune further version of UrT in the future, or will the development stop after the ET:UT release?
Oswald: We have been looking towards the future and possible projects for a few years now. Continued development on ETUT will really be based on the initial response we receive when the mod is released. If the mod is bug free and plays as we expect it to and the community is happy, we might not make any updates to it. Right now, I don't think we can really answer that until we get ETUT released. Based on past development, there will probably be some future work on ETUT. Just how much at this point is not known.

UrT-PT: We have watched the community becoming smaller and smaller as time goes by. Do you think that this delay for over one year now since the initial announcement of the port intentions by SiD, will draw people to other games and mods that are being released with kick ass graphics/3D engines?
Oswald: We do not look at the past year as a "delay" because we have never announced a release date and we have other responsibilities to tend to that take some of our time away from development. While the community might be a bit smaller than last year, we are still quite involved and active with the community. We still have leagues and ladders that continue to support the mod. The community continues to sponsor web sites and files and work at building a strong community. So, even if the community is smaller than last year, we have a strong base community.
As for the new engines with their kick ass engines, that's all good and fine. We have seen new games come and go since we have been developing UT since 1999. The mod is still around and is still thriving. Gamers still want a fast first person shooter with great playability, I think Urban Terror fits their desire. One reason we are going to ET is because it is free. Gamers will not pass up the opportunity to down ET and UT and give the mod a shot. This will be exactly what the community needs.

UrT-PT: Can you slip your tongue on any release date (week, month, quarter) discussed internally already?
Oswald: Hahaha, I was asked this same question last week by another site. We have not fully discuss an internal release date. To be honest we have not even thrown out possible dates. I am usually the one who says, "Okay gang, when do we want to release this?" But all that is going to do if we start discussing a release date is put more pressure on ourselves and rush the release. When that happens, problems occur. We are working as quickly as possible to get everything finish and tested.

UrT-PT: You have been called sometimes an "Euro lover"... What do you think of the European UrT community and specially the Portuguese one?
Oswald: I have nothing but the utmost respect for the European community and especially the country of Portugal. I have been involved with shoutcast commentary at Clanbase since 2002 and just love the organization and involvement in the cups. As for Portugal, I believe it started with an e-mail from a gamer in Portugal who explained how big of a follow there was in Urban Terror a few years ago. Looking at all the quality gamers and clans in Portugal, I am just amazed at the amount of support. So I have a fondness for Portugal and usually pull for them in cup play.

UrT-PT: Any special comments regarding the Clanbase SpringCup? Do you think we will see any non-Euro (US, CAN, etc.) clans joining in the future?
Oswald: On the 26 February episode of Urban Radio I proposed a plan that could possibly bring North/South American clans to Clanbase cup play. The rules state that enough clans from a geographical location sign up, there is a good possibility a new division for those clans could be generated. For example, take the any of the current leagues and add 6 clans from North/South American into one division. They all play each other and just like the other divisions, the top two move into the playoffs. This gives ALL clans, worldwide the chance to compete.
I see there is one clan, No Names involved in the CTF ladder and I know Clan Ecstasy was involved in cup play during a previous season. I would like to see if there would be a big enough response from gamers in this part of the world to participate in Clanbase, even though there would still be some issues to work through, like ping times, servers, start times. But I think it could be accomplished.

UrT-PT: Who do you think will get the golden cup home this season?
Oswald: There's a loaded question! Seeing as I am not commentating on a match right now, I break it down like this. By virtue of their victory last cup season, IQS is the clan to beat. But after watching Portugal's own, Tricky Klan this past weekend, I do think they will contend! The same can be said for fellow countrymen Nemesis Corp, SixthSense and inQuantum, along with Syndicate and incorporated. Should be a great playoff this season!
By : [Laus]Rednex

Feb 12th 2005 - 12:00:00am
Happy birthday !
The [Laus] Clan wishes [Laus]Freshman a happy birthday.
[Laus]Freshman has become 30 years old - what a mess
By : [Laus]

Jan 31st 2005 - 12:00:00am
Happy birthday !
The [Laus] Clan wishes [Laus]Pingvin a happy birthday.
[Laus]Pingvin has become 30 years old - what a mess
By : [Laus]

Jan 11th 2005 - 12:00:00am
Happy birthday !
The [Laus] Clan wishes [Laus]SLAYER a happy birthday.
[Laus]SLAYER has become 23 years old - what a mess
By : [Laus]

Dec 24th 2004 - 12:11:35am
Happy Christmas & Happy New Year
[Laus] Wish you a happy Christmas and a happy New Year
By : Pingvin
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