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Mar 30th 2003 - 11:07:07pm
Lowdown on Levels
Time to fill your heads full of many things that Silicon Ice Development has going on as we are deep into this development cycle. As some of you might have read on our Silicon Ice site, we welcomed, Dick Dastardly to the development team. Look for his new levels in the upcoming release! Recently, ut_nimrod began alpha testing and is the latest creation from Dick Dastardly. "This map is very loosely based on the storming of the Iranian Embassy by the SAS in 1980 (an operation code named Nimrod), although the action here takes place in a hotel rather than an embassy. So far TDM, TS, C&H and CTF are supported with a maximum of 20 players," says Dick.

Dragonne, our Lead Level Design spoke with WU earlier in the week and filled us in on what he and WetWired have been working on. While there is not a test version of this level ready, the working name is ut_hangar (at least that is the map file name). Speaking of WetWired, ut_precinct is currently being tested for release. From "down under" Tub sends news that the testing on ut_village2 is going well, as there continue to be some minor changes on the level. This level will incorporate the new bomb/defuse game mode. We also get word, "Algiers is coming along well," says Tub. This is the current level he is working on which is about two-thirds complete (not quite ready for screen shots).

Currently, there are about 14 levels undergoing some form of testing. This includes some of the currently levels, Docks, Rommel, Mines, Twinlakes and Uptown. There have not been layout alterations to these levels, but minor technical issues, such as spawns, lighting and clips have been updated. The only level that has undergone a major change has been ut_streets. What started as a simple rebuild has really turned into an all new project, thanks to INVIS. While the basic layout from the original level is still present, as are some of the structures, the level has been updated to include CTF and the new bomb/defuse mode.

For more information and discussion about the upcoming release including, weapon tweaks, skins, features, new game and updated/new levels Click on Urban Radio and download today's shoutcast. It was sort of a developer's roundtable, as Bladekiller, Miles, Dragonne and INVIS stopped by to talk about testing.
By : Pingvin
Source : Urban Terror

Mar 28th 2003 - 01:41:34am
Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Some moron felt it was necessary to vote no less than 57 times in a row.
Those votes has now been removed.
By : [Laus]Rednex

Mar 19th 2003 - 07:25:14pm
New map
New map posted for download. The map is Scottbase by Servinal.
By : [Laus]Freshman

Mar 12th 2003 - 08:41:14pm
More Village 2
New topsecret pic of village 2, look at the minimap, in the big picture.

Can´t wait
By : Pingvin
Source : Deadllamas

Mar 10th 2003 - 09:31:49pm
New members in Team DK
On Sunday(09-03-03) the new member of UrT Team DK was found the new member a as follows.

Name. Kill/Death Ratio
[DNA]Xent 1,95
[HV]Frezzer 1,23
[HV]Baret 1,20
[GodZ]Ozion 1,30
[HV]TwinDuck 0,94
[GodZ]PainGod 0,74
[GodZ]MegaBoy 0,84

(Better luck next year)
]GB[SnowMan 0,70
[Laus]Pingvin 0,60
[H&K]Gandalf 0,44

The 2 maps there was played was as follows.

Casa: 1st map
Red Team 12
Blue Team 8

Turnpike: 2end map
Red Team 14
Blue Team 8

Congratulations to the players that made it through.
By : Pingvin

Mar 10th 2003 - 07:36:43pm
New map
New map posted for download. The map is Stone Ville (Final) by MAD-HORSE.
By : [Laus]Freshman

Mar 7th 2003 - 11:59:40am
New Levels of Terror
While coding is the inner working many gamers just want to see screenshots and more screenshots, player and weapon models along with levels. Today, as promised here are some upcoming maps that are under development by Tub and Dragonne. Village2 is an update to Village and while touring the level you can see a resemblence. Dragonne has been keeping busy with three new levels, two of which we will show today. Offshore and Filtration are the latest two creations from Dragonne.

These are just a sampling of shots from the level designers. As work progresses on the levels we will share more shots. Most of these levels are being designed with the bomb/defuse mode in mind, as the coders mentioned yesterday.
By : Pingvin
Source : Urban Terror

Mar 6th 2003 - 11:32:55pm
Try-out to the UT-Nationlteam
Try-out to the Danish National Team on sunday the 9th, at 20.00 CET.

Contact [HV]WeeMan on Irc #HV or on Quakenet.

If you're not danish, then don't bother!
By : Pingvin

Mar 6th 2003 - 11:29:32pm
27 in butt naked shocker!!! And other news..
Well no.

But he does reveal all in an interview on!


'.....What are your future plans for the Urban Terror modification?
Well, we're adding a lot of match features in, a lot more bug fixing, we're almost entirely happy with the weapon balance issues now, we've got a built in stats engine coming up, OSP style MVD, and most importantly, over the next few versions we're introducing some new more objective-orientated game modes.....'

Its a great read and the comments have been really cool coming from a site usually based around profesional esports (future of UT?) so check it out

Also in other news we're not often scooped by the official urban terror site (soz guys my fault but really I blame Lord) but:

Oswald brings news about the currunt cycle of UT

'.....As was eluded to, we are making excellent progress as we work our way towards Beta 2.7. You can put all rumors aside, this upcoming release will feature the new bomb/defuse game mode. The first implementation is into internal testing, as Density has been working on the spawn system again, by fixing a command that caused problems in many other entities that we store. HighSea, out newest coder has been working on a plethora of game items, such as bug fixes, radio calls and custom text. Also been coding a substitute system for team based game types (aka team spectator), along with team swapping and a shuffle command. Most recent venture has been into added the 'PAUSE' command that league admins have been calling for since...well way back.

Aside from his interview TwentySeven has been working on implementing the animations CrazyButcher created. We now have individual skin sets per map, so instead of choosing which skin you want to wear, you need only worry about male/female and skin color. There has been some work done on a stats engine, 'we'll be storing two separate stats systems,' says TwentySeven. The first stats system breakdown on a per map basis, in a parsable log file. The other system is on a per GUID basis that will track a users personal stats......'

More details where you least expect it
Read the whole interview

Oh and if anyone wants to know what weaps tweaks are 'in' so far, they're currently testing:
AK more damage (3 shot kill) but slightly slower ROF
G36 slightly higher ROF
MPK5 no longer kills with one bullet to the head

After they get through with the autos they'll move onto the snipers.
(Higher MP on the SR8 and the PSG getting its critical hits back)
By : Pingvin
Source : Deadllamas

Feb 21st 2003 - 06:21:32am
New map
New map posted for download. The map is Paese by pisU.
By : [Laus]Freshman
Do you really want a new poll?
Not really

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