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Oct 8th 2002 - 05:43:05am
Point Release 1.32
Quake III Point Release 1.32, is available for download. You'll find it under Urban Terror Files.

To enable the PunkBuster feature, you need to enter the following into the console:

/cl_punkbuster 1
By : [Laus]Freshman
Source : ID Software

Oct 1st 2002 - 12:06:06am
News on PR 1.32
Semi-reliable rumors state that the new Point Release 1.32 (including PB support) should be available within a week or so. That should put an end to the wallhacks and aimbots that's been poisoning the community for quite some time now. The PR should be directly compatible with the current Beta 2.5 (PB has to be activated from the console though).

On a side note - SID claims that Beta 2.6 release date should be announced shortly, unless the QA Team finds any more bugs in the code. So let's keep our fingers crossed
By : [Laus]Rednex

Sep 30th 2002 - 07:14:10pm
New map
New map posted for download. The map is Area 51 by MAD-HORSE.
By : [Laus]Freshman

Sep 28th 2002 - 12:56:15am
New (well old) design at the 6th Floor
Well, it may be old news by now, but Oswald has decided to revert to the old design over at The 6th Floor.
The decicion was made because alot of people has had difficulties viewing the site due to browser issues.
By : [Laus]Rednex

Sep 26th 2002 - 01:02:58pm
[HV]'erne No.1
[HV]'erne No.1 in ClanBase in TS & CTF.
By : Pingvin

Sep 26th 2002 - 01:00:23pm
New Danish Clan
The new clan is "Danish Nocturnal Assasins".

look under links for url.
By : Pingvin

Sep 16th 2002 - 07:20:05pm
Where is Beta 2.6?
Rumors and speculation continue to swirl around the Urban Terror Community about the whereabouts of Beta 2.6 from Silicon Ice Development. As we mentioned in our QuakeCon 2002 Diary, we did release client files for the gamers attending the event in the BYOC in order for some mass feedback. Due to some unfortunate events, the server files were leaked to the community. This accounts for unofficial 2.6 servers up and running. Silicon Ice Development does not promote or suggest you play this leak, as it is about a month old and many of the issues in that build have been resolved.

As for the current status of Urban Terror Beta 2.6, the development continues. We are not going to release a version that is buggy, which would cause us and the community problems (remember 2.4?). At this point in development, we cannot afford it and the community would probably not put up with it. Am I right? Density and TwentySeven continue to troubleshoot issues that the QA Team continues to identify. Some of these issues are things that the coders must attempt to reproduce. Sometimes that is easier said then done.

There are rumors and misconceptions that continue to move through out the community. We will try to dispel those rumors and point out what is fact.

Rumor: "SID is releasing 2.6 when the 1.32 point release comes out." False. We are developing on our schedule, not that of id Software, working on the point release.

Rumor: "SID knows when the point release is going to be released." False. The development, like the community is at the mercy of id Software. We do not know when the 1.32 PR is going to be released.

Rumor: "SID has the new point release." True. We are beta testing the new point release, as are some of the other popular mods that were developed for Quake 3.

Rumor: "SID has set a release date for 2.6." False. We have not set a date. The reason being, we are not ready to give the current build our approval for release. We will continue to say, "Beta 2.6 is ready, when we are done with it.

We are sure many in the community, especially league admins will have decisions to make about beginning their new seasons, or continuing to defer the start until 2.6 is released. As for the gamers hopefully you continue to support the mod and community, as we are doing everything we can, in order to finish the new build and release it. Once we feel we have a complete, bug free build, we will set a release date.
By : Pingvin
Source : Urban Terror

Sep 11th 2002 - 11:18:41pm
Astrologu for Quake Fans!!
Read your personal Quake Horoskop
By : Pingvin

Sep 10th 2002 - 06:22:50am
New map
New map posted for download. The map is Ice Metro by BROWSER [ICE].
By : [Laus]Freshman

Sep 6th 2002 - 02:12:14pm
The Minimap!!
Since the release of the new screen shots yesterday, there has been some discussion on the Urban Terror Forums related to these enhancements. Many of these new features are meant to improve the current version of the mod. The new minimap, which can be seen in the screen shots below, include CVARs, in order to allow the gamer to configure it to their preference.

New docks with minimap.

The new cvars include:

-cg_mappos: position of the minimap, zero removes it
-cg_mapalpha: changes the transparency of the minimap
-cg_mapsize: changes the overall size of the minimap
-cg_maparrowscale: changes the arrow size that represents you
-cg_maparrowalpha: player arrow transparency
-cg_maptoggle: allows you to toggle minimap on and off

New Docks again with minimap.

Currently, the minimap is only available in green unless the level designer alters its appearance. In the example show, RabidCow has place a red and blue border around his level, Twin Lakes in order to designate each team's side of the map. Beta 2.6 will include many pre-made minimaps, both SID and non-SID levels. If a level is distributed without a minimap .TGA, then it will be auto-generated by the engine, residing in a q3ut2/maps/ directory. If you modify your minimap .TGA locally, and you connect to a pure server, it won't get loaded, just as if you left it unmodified. If you connect to an unpure server, that file will be loaded for the minimap. If you connect to a pure server, however, it won't be, since it won't be on the pure list for the remote server.

New Docks again with minimap.

Some of the other features within the minimap should improve teamwork. When a teammate makes a radio call, you will see their triangle (on the minimap) flash. When a gamer calls for a medic, they will flash red. This way it will alert the team medic to a general area where the injured player is calling from. You will not be able to see the enemy movement or position on the minimap. When in spectator mode and not affliated with a team, you will be able to see all the player involved in the current game.

TwinLakes with minimap.
By : Pingvin
Source : Urban Terror
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