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Feb 4th 2004 - 11:08:53am
Urban Terror 1.0...
The development team has indicated their intent to port Quake 3 Urban Terror over to Enemy Territory, created by Splash Damage (dev team behind Q3F). As reported on numerous web sites, the source code for ET was recently released by Activision. Silicon Ice Development's relationship with Splash Damage began in August, 2000 when both development teams were invited to Quakecon. Since that time, both teams have continued to work on their projects, while maintaining communication with each other.
Silicon Ice Development is looking at taking the "next step" in Urban Terror development. The community has provided some positive feedback on our forums and in news comments on,, and "The port has been going smoothly, ET and Q3 are basically brothers so it's more of a plumbing job than a major surgery. We're about 50% of the way through the code port," says TwentySeven. We do understand there is some frustration that has echoed through the Mac community as Enemy Territory was not created with QVM, like Urban Terror, that allows the mod to be played on Macs. We are currently looking into the possibility of continuing our support for the Mac platform, as of right now no official decision has been reached.

Our intent is to release Urban Terror 3.3, which will effectively be Urban Terror 1.0 (non-beta). This will be the final release of the mod on the Quake III Arena engine. There will be no further development after this point. The development team will continue to offer support to the mod and community after development has ceased. Our development efforts will be focused on Urban Terror for Enemy Territory.

Our decision is partially based around the availability of Enemy Territory being a free, stand alone game. This means we will be able to bring action and excitement to more gamers, including those who have enjoyed Urban Terror over the years. It is our intent to take the final version of Urban Terror and do a 1:1 port over to Enemy Territory. Currently, we are not planning any new features (that could change), but we will be updating all the current files, such as levels, models, animations and user interface, just to name some integral parts of the game.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be providing more insight and information into the development of Urban Terror for Enemy Territory. For the latest and most up to date information you can check out, or join us on IRC at #urbanterror on ETG.
By : [Laus]Rednex
Source : Urban Terror

Jan 31st 2004 - 12:00:00am
Happy birthday !
The [Laus] Clan wishes [Laus]Pingvin a happy birthday.
[Laus]Pingvin has become 29 years old - what a mess
By : [Laus]

Jan 16th 2004 - 05:38:40pm
3.2 is coming
It looks like Beta 3.2 is ready to be shipped. According to SID it should be released sometime tonight.
The update weighs in at around 37 MB and includes level updates, bug fixes and our beloved M4 is back as well.
By : [Laus]Rednex
Source : Urban Terror

Jan 11th 2004 - 12:00:00am
Happy birthday !
The [Laus] Clan wishes [Laus]SLAYER a happy birthday.
[Laus]SLAYER has become 22 years old - what a mess
By : [Laus]

Jan 9th 2004 - 07:34:07pm
3.2 is coming...are you ready?
First off, welcome to 2004 and another year of development for Urban Terror. Who said Quake 3 is dead? pfft...please, the mod continues to flourish, thanks to a successful release of Urban Terror 3, last year. As we said to end the year, SID is not finished with Urban Terror. That is why we are preparing to release the 3.2 patch. Really? Yes, really! We think this will be one of the best patches to date, since it features more goodies that the community has been asking for since...well, since a long time ago. More on those goodies in a bit.

We are reformatting and moving the domain (forums and website). The website could be ready for the community as early as next week. As for the forums, all the necessary files are in place, we are just working on installing and configuring them. But they too will return to action before the next release. As for upcoming features of Urban Terror 3.2, check out some of the features for the next release:

New g_gear cvar to limit weapons on servers (pistols only, etc).
Reinstated the Colt M4.
The AK-103 and IMI Negev support the laser sight.
Modifed menu color schemes
New flag models, night vision goggle models and updated the LR300 model.
Updated player skins.
Updated Capture & Hold game play.
Knives are now throwable (again).
Reduced bombsite radius.
Timer fixed
Precinct & Rommel updated
and much more...

As soon as we complete testing and the coders finish up working out a few bugs we will drop the release date and get the files uploaded the necessary FTPs. Stay tuned for more information on Urban Terror 3.2, coming soon!
By : [Laus]Rednex

Dec 8th 2003 - 12:00:00am
Happy birthday !
The [Laus] Clan wishes [Laus]MoKode a happy birthday.
[Laus]MoKode has become 27 years old - what a mess
By : [Laus]

Nov 14th 2003 - 12:00:00am
Happy birthday !
The [Laus] Clan wishes [Laus]Tha PinK a happy birthday.
[Laus]Tha PinK has become 23 years old - what a mess
By : [Laus]

Nov 10th 2003 - 12:00:00am
Happy birthday !
The [Laus] Clan wishes [Laus]Brisling a happy birthday.
[Laus]Brisling has become 54 years old - what a mess
By : [Laus]

Nov 4th 2003 - 12:00:00am
Happy birthday !
The [Laus] Clan wishes [Laus]Rednex a happy birthday.
[Laus]Rednex has become 25 years old - what a mess
By : [Laus]

Oct 11th 2003 - 11:50:35am
Beta 3.1 released
2 months after the Beta 3,0 release, the new 3.1 patch is available. It's mostly a bugfix release, so there are not that many new features. However, most of the known bugs should be addressed by this patch. Bugs like the famous TDM spawn bug has been fixed. There are few weapons tweaks in there as well. Nothing major, just a perfection of the weapons balance. The UMP is now more accurate, the NEGEV is less accurate and less powerfull, and the PSG got more powerfull and was upgraded to an 8 round clip.

A new feature allows you to see how much damage (in percent) you inflict, and how much damage you receive when you get shot. You can enable this by setting cg_showBulletHits 2. You can also see how much damage the enemy has when you get killed. This is enabled by setting g_healthReport 1.

The patch is available here on [Laus] Just check under Urban Terror Files. Have fun
By : [Laus]Rednex
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