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Nov 16th 2002 - 01:59:21am
New map
New map posted for download. The map is Padgarden by ENTE.
By : [Laus]Freshman

Nov 15th 2002 - 10:03:22pm
New map
New map posted for download. The map is Runtfest by .
By : [Laus]Freshman

Nov 14th 2002 - 12:00:00am
Happy birthday !
The [Laus] Clan wishes [Laus]Tha PinK a happy birthday.
[Laus]Tha PinK has become 22 years old - what a mess
By : [Laus]

Nov 13th 2002 - 03:03:53pm
New map
New map posted for download. The map is Hacienda by LEXIBOY.
By : [Laus]Freshman

Nov 12th 2002 - 01:09:12am
Eastereggs 2.6
Eastereggs found in 2.6

By : Pingvin

Nov 10th 2002 - 07:45:17am
Oh and by the way, just a little detail. Beta 2.6 is out

You can get offcourse it here.
By : [Laus]Rednex

Nov 10th 2002 - 12:00:00am
Happy birthday !
The [Laus] Clan wishes [Laus]Brisling a happy birthday.
[Laus]Brisling has become 53 years old - what a mess
By : [Laus]

Nov 4th 2002 - 12:00:00am
Happy birthday !
The [Laus] Clan wishes [Laus]Rednex a happy birthday.
[Laus]Rednex has become 24 years old - what a mess
By : [Laus]

Nov 3rd 2002 - 11:47:11am
Beta 2.6 release date
Are you ready? Silicon Ice Development is finished with Urban Terror Beta 2.6. That's right, after an eight month development cycle, we are ready to "give it up" and give it to you. During the next seven days leading up to the release, we will be "stress testing" with the QA team and some "friends" in order to make sure there are no show stoppers [big, bad bugs] before the release date. We feel very confident about this release and all the testing has yielded excellent results.

Silicon Ice Development will be releasing Beta 2.6 on Saturday November 9, 2002. Files and map packs will be available for download from worldwide FTP sites beginning at 3:00pm EST/12:00pm PST (20 GMT). We will be offering both a full download, approximately 225MBs and an upgrade, approximately 60MBs for those already running Beta 2.5.

The release party will begin 2 hours earlier at 1:00pm EST/10:00am PST with Urban Radio featuring Oswald and Dragonne as your hosts. During the show, we will be giving away some Urban Terror swag, including a GeForce 3 Ti500 video card, cases of Bawls, T-shirts [thanks to GeekWearZ] and gaming headsets. To get involved in the swag giveaways and the party, you will be required to be in #urbanterror on or listening to Urban Radio. Files will not be distributed during the show.

We also get word from Tommy at GeekWearZ that the Urban Terror "Vaporwear" will be available for purchase via PayPal beginning November 15, 2002. More information this week.
By : [Laus]Rednex
Source : Urban Terror

Nov 1st 2002 - 10:00:45am
Info on Beta 2.6

We will be providing more information on the web site, as soon as we announce the release date. But we will try to give you some early information, which will probably spawn more questions, than answers.

Q: What day and time are you releasing Beta 2.6?
A: As soon as we correct one final bug, we will announce. The time will work for both in Europe and N. America as best as possible.

Q:How will the 2.6 files be distributed? Upgrade or full?
A: We are still discussing this. We will drop this when we announce the release date.

Q: Will there be a new install directory?
A: Yes there will be a new directory in which to install all the Urban Terror files in. If you plan on installing the files using /q3ut2 it will cause a client/server mismatch error message. We will announce the new directory when we announce the release date.

Q: What file types will you offer?
A: We will offer a .zip file for all platforms and are working with a third party to create an installer, for those who don't understand a zip file (that's a joke). We should know soon if the installer will be available on release day.

Q: What maps are going to be included in Beta 2.6?
A: Abbey, Alleys, Austria, Casa, Docks, Metro, Mines, PressureZone, Revolution, Reykjavik, Ricochet, Riyadh, Rommel, Sands, Streets, Swim, Turnpike, TwinLakes, Uptown and Village. Some of these levels are still subject to change before release. No further information at this time.

Q: What maps are new or updated?
A: Metro and Mines by Bar-B-Q, Turnpike by WU are new to Urban Terror. Docks, Reykjavik, Riyadh, TwinLakes have been updated. Uptown is currently being updated and tweaked, no information as to if it will be included as an updated level yet.

Q: What's new in Beta 2.6?
A: I guess we should say, what isn't new. There is a considerable amount of work and effort that has gone into "fixing" many of the problems identified by the community. Some of those include players getting stuck in doors, grenades not going through open doors, a reduction in the movement penalty, weapons have been tweaked, the team survivor code has been completely rewritten, updated lag compensation code are just a few

Q: Are there new weapons?
A: We have included the Kalashnikov AK-103 assault rifle to the primary weapon selection. It fits in between the current M4 and the G36.

Q: I heard the M4 is no longer included in Beta 2.6?
A: That is correct. The M4 model that was created by an ex-SID member is old and we were able to update the model, skin it and animate it. So we included it. The weapon is the LR 300ML by Z-M Weapons. "The LR 300 is a light, small compact accurate rifle. For use as an excellent entry weapon system, the LR 300 gives the operator the surgical accuracy and power needed for one-shot takedowns. Other features are the same as the AR-15/M16, the trigger, charging handle, magazine button, hold open device, etc. The LR300 will accept all AR-15/M16 magazines" (taken from

Q: So what are the LR 300ML characteristics?
A: It is really only a replacement model for the Colt M4. See next question.

Q: So what weapons have you tweaked?
A: I am sure you want details on what we did to each weapon, but in general all the weapons were tweaked, based on player comments from the forums and QA/SID testing the past few months. While "balance" is not the right word to use, all the weapons feel very responsive and unique.

Q: New models or skins in Beta 2.6?
A: As we recently posted on, Bladekiller and Miles have updated all the team skins for Beta 2.6. The 'Red Team' skin sets features <i>TAG, Terror and Desert</i>, while the 'Blue Team' features <i>SWAT, Cobra and Urban</i>. You can see all those on the web site. There are no new player models, those are planned for future development. So, the Tanya and Logan models we showed off a few months ago are not included.

Q: What can you tell me about Punkbuster and Urban Terror?
A: We will be including a default pb.cfg file for admins. That is really all we need to do for PunkBuster

Q: Where can I find a server.cfg? and mapcycle.txt
We will also include some default server.cfg files in the distribution file along with a mapcycle.txt. You can also find more information in the manual.

Q: Speaking of the manual, will there be a new one?
A: Yes, we have an all new manual for Beta 2.6, that should be able to assist a confused gamer on many fronts, including installation, configuration and troubleshooting, just to name a few. There will also be a .pdf file of the manual included in the distribution file.

Q: There was a rumor of map packs coming with the release. Confirm.
A; Yup, we have put together three new map packs. When we say "new" we do not mean all new maps, but some of the more popular levels for TS/TDM and overall good levels. Each map pack will include five maps. If you have been around the community, chances are you will have all 15 of these maps. These are intended to assist new gamers on what maps to download in order to play on many servers.

Q: Do you have enough FTPs for downloads?
A: We have been collecting e-mails from FTPs who are going to carry the distribution file for us. Currently the list numbers about 20 or so. We will be sending our responses to those who e-mailed on details on the file, the release time and where to get it at.

Q: Are you taking server admins into consideration?
A: Well, just like the FTPs, we have asked server admins to e-mail us and we will try (no guarantee) to get the files out to admins early. We are also including a pb.cfg file, for those admins who have either not upgraded or having troubles with theirs.

Q: Will the in game browser work?
A: The in game browser has been fixed, so those not willing to download a third party application should be able to sort through Urban Terror servers inside of Urban Terror.

Q: Any new game modes for 2.6?
A: No, we did not include any new modes, those are planned for the next few releases. We have updated the team survivor code, which should fix a few issues we previously had.

Q: What's this mini-map I've heard about?
A: The mini-map is an overhead representation of the current level being played. It will show your teammates, including their radio calls, along with flag positions in CTF. This with the radio calls should help to improve team play. You will also be able to change some of the cvars associated with the mini-map, including opacity, player size and map location. We also have a variable that toggles the mini-map on and off.

This is just a short list of questions that have been compiled. Please, no arguments over these. If you have a question, please post it and I will include it, if it is pertinant. Don't be surprised if I delete the question after it is asked. Thanks.
By : Pingvin
Source : UrbanTerror Forums
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