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Sep 11th 2002 - 11:18:41pm
Astrologu for Quake Fans!!
Read your personal Quake Horoskop
By : Pingvin

Sep 10th 2002 - 06:22:50am
New map
New map posted for download. The map is Ice Metro by BROWSER [ICE].
By : [Laus]Freshman

Sep 6th 2002 - 02:12:14pm
The Minimap!!
Since the release of the new screen shots yesterday, there has been some discussion on the Urban Terror Forums related to these enhancements. Many of these new features are meant to improve the current version of the mod. The new minimap, which can be seen in the screen shots below, include CVARs, in order to allow the gamer to configure it to their preference.

New docks with minimap.

The new cvars include:

-cg_mappos: position of the minimap, zero removes it
-cg_mapalpha: changes the transparency of the minimap
-cg_mapsize: changes the overall size of the minimap
-cg_maparrowscale: changes the arrow size that represents you
-cg_maparrowalpha: player arrow transparency
-cg_maptoggle: allows you to toggle minimap on and off

New Docks again with minimap.

Currently, the minimap is only available in green unless the level designer alters its appearance. In the example show, RabidCow has place a red and blue border around his level, Twin Lakes in order to designate each team's side of the map. Beta 2.6 will include many pre-made minimaps, both SID and non-SID levels. If a level is distributed without a minimap .TGA, then it will be auto-generated by the engine, residing in a q3ut2/maps/ directory. If you modify your minimap .TGA locally, and you connect to a pure server, it won't get loaded, just as if you left it unmodified. If you connect to an unpure server, that file will be loaded for the minimap. If you connect to a pure server, however, it won't be, since it won't be on the pure list for the remote server.

New Docks again with minimap.

Some of the other features within the minimap should improve teamwork. When a teammate makes a radio call, you will see their triangle (on the minimap) flash. When a gamer calls for a medic, they will flash red. This way it will alert the team medic to a general area where the injured player is calling from. You will not be able to see the enemy movement or position on the minimap. When in spectator mode and not affliated with a team, you will be able to see all the player involved in the current game.

TwinLakes with minimap.
By : Pingvin
Source : Urban Terror

Sep 6th 2002 - 02:09:39pm
UT opdate
While this update is not a release announcement for Beta 2.6 (yet), it will reassure the community that our work is still nearing completion. We do understand the frustration that some are going through, while patiently waiting for this new version. We have good reason as to why it has not been released yet. The last few releases came on the heels of each other, in order to fix problems that presented major issues within the community. We do not want to make that same mistake for Beta 2.6, so we have slowed down the development and the testing in order to be thorough.

New Docks & Subway with minimap.

This additional time should help in future development and remedy some of the current issues the community has dealt with, since the release of Beta 2.5 earlier this year. I am sure the coders would agree, we are close to a release, but bug fixes and tweaks do take time to work through. As we touched on previously, features such as the movement penalty has been drastically reduced, allowing for more accuracy with the weapons, which have also been tweaked. The entire Team Survivor game code has been rewritten, in order to clean up issues within that code base.

New Riyadh with minimap.

Over the course of the next few days we will show off some of the new features and graphics that have made their way into Urban Terror Beta 2.6. These screen shots will include new and updated levels, such as Docks, Riyadh, TwinLakes and Metro. You will also see the new minimap in action, along with new weapon models and skins. There is probably more to these pictures than I can explain in a single update.

New Docks & ??

Last few items of interest, you might have noticed the PayPal button on our site. This was something the community had been inquiring about for sometime. After a few months of discussion, we decided to offer PayPal, as a way of donation in order to support the mod. This is completely voluntary and you are not required or asked to contribute. The choice is up to you. If you wanna continue playing and enjoying, by all means, do so. If you want to offer up a small donation, that's great. Regardless, we do want to thank everyone for their support. Without a fanbase, the mod would not be where it is today. Reminder, tune into Urban Radio this Friday beginning at 11:30 am PST (1830 GMT)(Danish time 1930) on TsN, the Team Sportscast Network.
By : Pingvin
Source : Urban Terror

Sep 5th 2002 - 10:37:26pm
Urban Radio Friday 6 Sep. 1930 (Danish Time)
Okay, we WILL have an Urban Radio this week on TsN, the Team Sportscast Network. The radio show will be on Friday, September 6, 2002 beginning at 11:30am PST/2:30pm EST (1830 GMT). This is a few hours earlier than usual, but I need to get out of town and head south on Friday by 1:00 pm.

So I will be on my soapbox to bring you the information we have to help ease the minds of some who are concerned. It should be a good and imformative show. So listen in using Winamp. As usual, Mungo Zen will be spinning the tunes and the Urban Radio will be up and running. Still working on two final pieces, hopefully I get that information before Friday...
By : Pingvin

Sep 2nd 2002 - 05:29:45am
New map
New map posted for download. The map is Toxic by DUF ]{N!3N AK IVR.
By : [Laus]Freshman

Aug 30th 2002 - 06:38:05am
New map
New map posted for download. The map is X2Die Beta by .
By : [Laus]Freshman

Aug 27th 2002 - 10:20:29am
Fun with SID!!
Fun with the SID members.
By : Pingvin
Source : UrbanTerror Forums

Aug 25th 2002 - 07:25:20pm
New [Laus] Member
We welcome Tha Pink in clan [Laus]

So welcom Pink
By : Pingvin

Aug 23rd 2002 - 11:25:30pm
New map
New map posted for download. The map is Once by .
By : [Laus]Freshman
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